Request form

The request form is a new implementation of the “request value from user block”,
which use modern layout, multi column layouts and additional field types.

To configure it, you need to add a field at first. Every field is related to a row.
So you need to add a row firstly, then press “add Row” (1) and then the “add Field Button” (2) inside the row.


To configure you should click inside the field (3), which opens the configuration.

Here you can select the Input fieldtype (1), define a label (2),
which is shown next to the text field, define variablename (3),
default value(4) and decide if this field is mandatory to send the request form (5).

The variablename defines the name, you will later use to access this value.
The default value can be any text you are able to generate.

image20181019095 (1).png

Form Settings

A new feature of this block is to set some window settings, which define the request form window.

You reach this, by click “Form Settings” on top of row configuration.

(1) The headline is shown on top of the request form window and should motivate the user to enter the value
(2) The width of the popup, define exactly this
(3) The variable scope define the variable you use to access the result.
When you set this to “form”, then all fields are accessible by “$env[“form”][“fieldname”]”.
You also can clear this field to not use a variable scope.
(4), (5) Text on buttons

image20181019096 (1).png

Access the values

To access the values, you need to use the $env Environmental variable, like it is shown within field configuration.


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